Step By Step Guide: Window Security Films installation

Step By Step Guide: Window Security Films installation

For your house and place of work, glass protection for fragile windows is essential. The majority of us aren’t ready to pay the high expense of replacing a broken window on short notice. Window protection film lets you maintain a safe and comfortable environment. Window film is applied easily to windows in your house or place of business using thin layers of polyester or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and an adhesive backing. Are you interested in learning more about how window film might increase the security and comfort of your home? Continue reading!

Tips For Window Security Film Installation

You have two alternatives for window security film installation: hiring a professional installer or doing it yourself.

Hiring a professional installer to measure, cut, and apply the film to the windows is usually required for professional installation. Professional installers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to guarantee that the film is applied accurately and sticks to the window surface. For additional piece of mind, a lot of qualified installers also provide guarantees on their labor.

Installing Window Security Films: Do It Yourself Or Hire A Pro?

Window film may be installed DIY style by buying it and doing it yourself. This alternative can be more difficult even if it could seem more economical. A steady hand, in-depth knowledge of the installation procedure, and the instruments required to do the work are prerequisites for DIY installation. The film’s look and impact might be diminished by a subpar installation.

The particular requirements and objectives of the area, as well as your degree of expertise, should be taken into account when choosing between professional and do-it-yourself installation. It might be better to employ a professional to ensure the task is done correctly for larger or more difficult installations. Nonetheless, DIY installation could be a good choice for smaller, easier installations (such as a single window or door).

Tool and Equipment

A good window film installation depends on having the appropriate tools and equipment before you start. The following elements are necessary:

  • Tape measure 
  • Sharp scissors
  • utility knife 
  • Bottle sprayer with a squeegee 
  • A razor blade
  • Spotless fabric
  • Stairway 

Window film installation may be accomplished with the correct equipment and a little perseverance, even if it may seem like an overwhelming undertaking. Here are a few general actions to follow:

Make Sure The Windows Are Clean

Be sure there is no filth, dust, or grime on the windows before applying the film.

Window Measurements

For every window you wish to cover, measure its measurements. Ample film should be purchased to completely cover every window’s surface.

Cut The Film According to Measurements

The film should be precisely cut to fit each window’s dimensions.

Spray The Window

After combining dish soap and water as previously mentioned, generously mist the window.

Put The Film On

After removing the film’s backing, press the sticky side up against the glass. To remove any creases or air bubbles, use a squeegee.

Cut Out The Edges

To remove extra film from the window’s edges, use a razor blade.

Give The Film Time To Dry

To ensure that the film sticks to the glass correctly, let it cure for at least a day.

You may confidently install window film on your own by following these instructions. Concerned about doing the installation yourself? Hiring an expert is usually a smart option to guarantee a flawless installation.

Considerations For Selecting Window Film

There are several things to take into account when picking window film for your house or place of business to make sure you make the best decision. The following are a few of the most crucial things to think about:

Level of Privacy

Consider the degree of privacy that you require. Do you want to lessen visibility or do you want to block off the entire view from your windows? Think about the kind of window film that best suits your need for seclusion.

Energy Efficiency

Take into account the film’s energy efficiency. Would you want a coating that blocks UV rays and minimizes heat absorption to assist save your energy costs? If so, think about going with a contemplative film.

Ease of Installation

Take installation ease into account. Which type of film are you looking for—one that you can install yourself or one that you should engage an installer? Installing certain films is simpler than installing others.


Take into account the film cost. Do you have a set spending limit, or are you prepared to spend a little extra on a better product? Take into account the price of the film as well as any installation charges.

Level of Security

Think about the degree of protection you require. Do you wish to guard against intruders with a shatter-resistant coating, or are you not concerned about that? If you value security above all else, think about seeing a security film.


Take into account the film’s appearance. Do you like a decorative or more practical film? Think about the kind of window film that most closely resembles your preferred style.

You may choose a window film that fulfills your unique requirements and offers the advantages you seek by taking these considerations into account.

Security Film: Is It Possible For Glass To Break?

Although glass can break under stress, some customers are concerned that window films may lead windows to crack. Some with as much as 99% protection against UV rays might put undue stress on windows due to production defects or improper installation. Regretfully, this is frequently the case, particularly when someone tries to put the window film on their own. Because of this, many manufacturers now provide a 5-year guarantee that covers the replacement of both windows and films if heat fracture occurs.


Windows may provide light into a house. They may make the ambiance happier and let light into the building. Because you get most of your light from outdoors, they may help you save a ton of money on power. But because they offer simple means of entry for someone looking to break in or harm your house, they also increase the vulnerability of a building. Consequently, it’s worthwhile to investigate window security films and what they may provide. For many, it’s the most economical choice, even though it’s not the ideal solution in terms of security alone.

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